Last evening Jake & I were going to throw away a bag of trash here at the campground. When we opened the gate to the wooden trash enclosure there was a HUGE raccoon. We came back to the camper (with the bag of trash) screaming like little girls. Well, Jake was screaming like a little girl. I wasn’t. Matt said we were both ninnies, took the bag of trash and went matching off to throw it away. He didn’t come back for a while so Jake & I thought he might be getting attacked but neither one of us had enough courage to go see. We did discuss it though. Matt came back & claimed (this was only a claim, our eyewitness accounts don’t match Matt’s) that the raccoon was a small, sickly cross eyed one that curled up when he threw the trash away. Obviously the big raccoon had left before Matt got there. The sickly one was just the one left.
This morning we headed into Onaway. I like to say Onaway like Frances McDormand in the movie Fargo. Don’t cha know. We decided to eat at Wildwoods Cafe on the main highway. Matt & jake were attracted by the “breakfast all day” sign. I was similarly attracted by the “free wifi” one. It was an awesome place to eat. We have discovered that Michigan has some of the best places to eat. From Copper Harbor to Baldwin to Onaway (don’t cha know) there have been awesome places to dine. Good thing we are just here for vacation. Otherwise we would all weigh 600 lbs.
We spent the afternoon swimming & sunning at the beach here. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. 70’s, sunny and low humidity. Truly beautiful. We swam at the beach in front of the Old Lodge here at Black Lake. It was the original property here & also served as the destination for Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez’s honeymoon.
Black Lake is a pretty typical inland Michigan lake. Besides being beautiful, the water is crystal clear (seriously makes the likes of Lake Cumberland, Dale Hollow look dirty) and the bottom is nice and sandy. You could float here all day.

Jake with his massive order of biscuits & gravy & side order of hash browns. This is the “before”.

This is the after. And we brought at least half of his food back to the camper with us.

I would highly recommend the Woodwinds restaurant to anyone. On M-68 in Onaway.

Biking to the shores of Black Lake. Maybe a 1/8 mile ride from our campsite.