Decided on a little road trip today. Matt wanted to go to Cheybogan. When I asked him why, what was there he said he didn’t know just thought it was fun to say. So fifty miles & at least 27 pronunciations of Chey-boy-gan later we arrived.
On the way we stopped at Forty Mile Point lighthouse on Lake Huron. It was very beautiful. I could do the whole working as a lighthouse person if certain conditions were met 1) it continually stayed summer with minimum humidity & rain (my hair isn’t made for moisture) 2) you could get wifi & at least the network TV channels (I can watch Jersey Shore on the Internet) and 3) there’s a Target within driving distance. Preferably less than 10 miles.
We liked looking at the summer homes dotted along Lake Huron’s shoreline. Daydreaming about when my teaching merit pay kicks in & I can finally afford one of my own. Also like seeing all of the unique & creative names people have given their summer getaways. Personal faves so far are “Lazy Ass Ranch” and “Morning Wood”. I think mine will just simply be “Merit Pay”.

Daisy keeping watch at the campground.

Forty Point Lighthouse

The view from the Lighthouse’s parlor. See I could do the lighthouse duty thing. 😉

Jake trying out the antique 3D viewer thingy ma bob in the parlor I think that is the proper name.

In the lighthouse tower.

Jake standing on the starboard side of the SS Joseph S Fay that shipwrecked in 1905 & some parts washed ashore.

Skipping rocks into Lake Huron

Where we ate lunch in Chey-boooy-gan. The Boathouse.

My huge, ginormous order of nachos. Matt could do a show on pizza from coast to coast. I could do one on nachos.

Jake & his colossal ice cream cone from The Big Dipper in (everybody now) cheyboooygan. It was so much (only $2.50) Jake, for the first time in his life, threw away ice cream.
Greetings from Che Booooooooy Gan!