We had trouble finding a campground this trip. We didn’t know what days Matt would be getting for vacation until last week so making reservations earlier wasn’t an option. We really wanted to be in the Petoskey area but all campgrounds there were booked. At least through the weekend. We may try to move on Sunday or Monday.
We are at the Walter Reuther UAW Black Lake Campground in Onaway. We are approximately 45 miles from Mackinaw Bridge.
Weather has been a welcome reprieve from back home. We are currently overcast at a nice 72 degrees. Almost forgot what that felt like. I’m not putting the tube top back on until South Bend.
Having trouble with getting cell phone service. Apparently AT&T isn’t the main carrier in these parts. You forget how much you rely on your cell phone. We actually had to break the atlas out today.
Matt thought he had a brake sticking on the family Truckster before we left but couldn’t find anything. Around Lansing we discovered we had some major brake issues. One of our brakes was essentially a brake no more so Matt spent the rest of the trip using the trailer brake (which involved him reaching down and toggling a button on the brake controller). By Gaylord we were searching for a Napa. In fact I think we bought new brake pads at the same place we bought a new starter last year. A few more trips & Matt could be a one man pit crew. Each trip he gets faster and faster with repairs. Give him a impact wrench & we’ll meet ya in Talledaga. You would think we would have these places mapped by now. Maybe I would’ve if my phone had service.
We are seeing lots of wildlife. We just about added 2 wild turkeys to our list of animals we have killed with the family (remember the bald prairie dog?) . A last minute swerve saved them. A few miles later I made Matt go back to a dead porcupine at the side of the road. First time to see one. It’s like a raccoon with spikes. We have a rather enthusiastic wood pecker as a neighbor at the campground. He’s managed to debark 90% of the branches on a tree nearby. And last evening, around dusk we saw several deer grazing in a meadow. They were staying put as we tried to creep up on them last night until I dumped the contents of my sling bag purse (trying to stay fashionable is so overrated) on the side of the road. I think it was that noise that spooked them. Matt says it was my crazy lady laugh.
Here are some pictures from yesterday & today:

The gatehouse entering UAW Black Lake.

Can change a brake pad in 30 seconds flat. Time him!

Hand drier in the campground restroom. I’m calling American Pickers.

What we really brought the cage for.

Jake the Tank & Daisy

Russ! Take Dinkems for a walk.

Some of Woody Woodpecker’s craftsmanship.

Excellent place for lunch. The 211. Jake said their gyro was just like the fair minus the hog poop.

Our first porcupine sighting! We are hoping the next one is actually living.

Matt doing another Bear Grylls impression. This time the scat was of an American Whitetail Deer.

Jake posing next to the random metal sculpture of Abraham Lincoln. It sits on a baseball field right in front of home.

We are here…

Our site.
Well until tomorrow. Or until I can find wifi again…farewell.