We literally took hundreds of pictures.  (Don’t worry, not going to bore you with all of them).  Here are a few of some of our favorites so far…it was really hard to choose.

Cactus in Arches National Park
Lizard tracks in the sand at Arches
One view at Arches National Park. We were amazed at how the landscape varied.
Grandma trying to break a hip climbing rocks with Jake. On the Delicate Arch Trail, Arches National Park.
Ute Indian petroglyphs at Arches. This was located on the trail to the Delicate Arch.
The trail leading to Delicate Arch. Look closely at the rock in the background….those tiny dark dots on the rock are people, climbing up.
Mom & dad on the trail
Part of a tree on the trail to Delicate Arch. Jake & I thought it looked like a dog.
After leaving mom & dad to rest, we hiked on…and on….and on….until we rounded the corner and saw this!
Part of the trail leading to Delicate Arch. Can be kind of scary….no rails or anything Probably can’t tell much from the picture but there’s quite a drop off. Was amazed how many little kids were running around up there.
As Matt, Jake & I started heading back down, we found mom & dad heading up. This picture reminds me of when Clark Griswold goes for help across the desert. 🙂
They made it!!!!!
After the trail, we found this shady spot to eat lunch.
Jake playing with his new friend from Idaho at the campground.
Our site at Moab, Utah.
Jake with his new pocket knife. I’m blaming his father when he cuts off a finger.
Dinosaur tracks. Moab, Utah
Indian petroglyphs along the Pot Ash highway Moab, Utah

One of my favorite pictures. The Colorado River, Moab, Utah
Grandma & Jake

What’s left of the Dewey Bridge. One of the first bridges across the Colorado River, near Moab. Destroyed by fire in 2008.