For our information & just in case you may be crazy enough to try it yourself, this is our lodging & fuel costs:
Day #1 Granite City KOA (near St. Louis, MO)

Day #2 Limon, CO KOA

Day #3-5 Moab Valley RV Resort (Moab, Utah)

Day #6-7 Bryce Valley KOA (Cannonville, UT)

Day #8 Limon, CO KOA

Day #9 Granite City KOA

Total lodging costs: $390.45

We were able to keep fuel costs down since our truck also runs on used cooking oil. Matt hauled some out in storage tanks in the back of the truck. We couldn’t haul enough for our whole trip (& there was that unfortunate grease pumping incident that wasted 50 gallons) and there was no way to get more on the road. I don’t think Flying J has moved into that market yet.

Miles drove: (approx) 3,775 miles
Avg mpg: 8

Topeka, KS

Limon, CO

Moab, UT

Cannonville, UT

Junction City, KS

Brazil, IN

Total fuel costs: $579.01