We are heading home today. Although it’s been a wonderful trip it will be nice to get home. And I know of a little boy who has missed his dog terribly

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I’m pretty sure she probably missed him too.

Wanted to share our top 10 things that we have learned on the trip. They are in no particular order.

#1. Water softeners must be an Indiana thing. In the 10 days we’ve been gone I don’t think we have encountered one drop of softened water. It takes a bar of soap & half a bottle of shampoo to work up a lather. And the end result is hair that looks like it’s been coated in mayonnaise.

#2. Some people who go camping believe a dip in chlorinated pool water is a sufficient substitute for a shower. Jump in, dunk your head under, dry off and voila you are good to go. Although this isn’t the way we roll it was good news to us–the shower houses were never crowded.

#3. When they say low humidity they mean it. We encountered days of 100+ but 3% humidity. A totally different experience but one that has also left us molting our exoskeleton like a iguana.

#4. People with rental RV’s are good cheap entertainment. Some of our favorite past times this week has been watching them pull out of a parking space, watching them back out of a parking space and witnessing the result of leaving your tv antennae up as you hit 75 on the interstate.

#5. If you know a senior citizen bring them with you. They get all kinds of discounts. Besides the free senior coke at McDonalds they can get you in to as many national parks as you want for $10.

#6. Mountain time zone is pretty awesome. Especially if you are from the Eastern Time Zone. Sleep in a couple hours & you’re still considered an early riser in Denver.

#7.  There are no rails at the  Grand Canyon.  So before you let the kids out to run around or let Sparky off his leash, check out the area.  Was completely awed.

#8.  Cell phones are a necessity not a convenience.  After going a couple days without cell service, we discovered that’s just not acceptable.  We are addicts.

#9.  We don’t camp.  We RV.  I never knew what a huge difference that was until last night when our campground lost power.  We spent 8 hours without AC, lights, or even a fan.  It wasn’t pretty.

#10.  We continued to be amazed by this beautiful country.  . So thankful we spent another week seeing some more of it.  So many places left we want to see…