We pulled into the Limon KOA last night just behind a pretty serious looking thunderstorm. We could still see the lightning dancing in the distance. The campground employee said that the lightning we were seeing was near the Oklahoma/Texas state line even though it looked really close. She explained the land was so flat around there that you could actually see 6 states on a clear day: Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico. We were also getting some smoke from the High Park wildfire near Fort Collins, Colorado. It made the sky look very colorful.

Beautiful sky.
Matt had calmed down from his Clark Griswold type breakdown by the time we pulled in for the night until we got out and discovered just how grease covered everything is. We had to keep a paper towel handy just to open the camper door. We also discovered the bikes we are hauling on the bike rack on the bumper of the camper shifted & rubbed the finish off a spot on the back of the camper. At this rate we may just be pulling home a chassis of what used to be our camper. Good news is the chassis should have enough grease on it to keep it from rusting.

The nice “powder coating” of grease and road grime.
About 3am this morning we were startled awake by the worst sounding thunderstorm. It rained & hailed for probably an hour. I think it sounded much worse in the camper. I was secretly hoping the rain would help wash some of the grease off but apparently grease is similar in function to RainX.

Jake @ the pancake breakfast at the KOA this morning. Day #9 of taking pictures and he’s tired of it. I think grandpa has even given up on the Auto & RV contest by now.

Our neighbor at the campground. First campground we’ve stayed at with a horse corral.

Heading out this morning. Notice Jake riding on the back bumper. I think it was a voluntary act or he could have just been stuck to the grease.

This is Kansas. I can’t explain how you can experience the other states we saw but I can tell you how you can experience Kansas. Step #1: wait until you get a day where the sustained wind is at least 40 mph. Step #2: hook up a wagon to your John Deere pedal tractor. Step #3: pick a flat, never ending corn or bean field. Step #4: spend 6 hours and 51 minutes trying to pedal your wagon across the field. Congratulations! You just experienced Kansas.
I now know why when you ask people where they are heading for vacation no one says “Kansas”. In fact if someone tells you that the destination of their trip is Kansas, it’s probably safe to assume someone has died & they have to go to the funeral. And I think it would have to be an immediate family member. Otherwise they would just send flowers.

Enjoying an ICEE as we roll along.

Pig Pen this here’s the Duck we just ain’t gonna pay no toll. Crashed the gate doing 98, let them truckers roll.
We are about 400 miles from home. It would be nice to sleep in our own bed tonight and not have to walk 300 yards to take a shower but I don’t think the people following us are up to the challenge of driving all night. So we are stopping in St Louis. One more night on the road. Oh well I don’t think it’s rained at home since we’ve been gone so it’s not like we gotta rush home to get the yard mowed.