We asked one of the KOA employees how far the Grand Canyon was this morning. Found out it was 3 hours & we decided at the last minute to go. We figured we may never be out here again. So we loaded up and headed out.
Jake has been obsessed with the satellite radio in dad’s truck. He loves to listen to Laugh USA Radio so as we trucked on to the Grand Canyon he wanted to listen to it. One comedian talked about being from southern Indiana & having his hair cut in Slidell, Louisiana. The beautician said she could tell he was from up North because he was big. She said people in the South think the further north you go, the bigger the people get. The comedian said that’s funny because people in the North think the further South you go the dumber people get. We noticed dad wasn’t laughing. Mom thought the whole thing was pretty funny until we passed an “absolutely no smoking in outdoor areas” sign. I think this is when she started snorting crushed up Nicorette gum.

Our first view of the Canyon. So enormous, you can’t put it into a picture.

Jake on one of the trails around the Canyon. There’s basically no handrails. His hands were literally shaking.

Mom & Dad at the Grand Canyon. They said it was seeing it was something they could now cross off their bucket list.

One of the numerous trails around the rim of the Canyon.

Our attempt at a group self portrait. I guess you get the idea.

We did so well at our first attempt…what the heck, let’s do another.

Some of the cabins at the rim. The views were awesome from the cute front porches. And there were several cabins, all arranged in a little village.

The Grand Canyon Lodge. We ate lunch here.

The Grand Canyon Lodge dining room where we ate. Gorgeous views.
Jake ordered grilled chicken tenderloins off the children’s menu (this was after he and I had a 10 minute argument discussion about how chicken tenderloins were not a pork tenderloin sandwich). As soon as he got his food, he took one bite of his chicken and told us it tasted “funny”. He frequently does this when we eat out with his sugar dealers (grandma & grandpa) so he can save room for dessert, so we made him eat at least once piece of chicken. Soon after he complains of stomach pains and we discover we made our child eat rotten chicken. Sound the trumpets, grandma and grandpa to the rescue. If I had a dime for each time I’ve heard “See the chicken really did taste funny…are you okay jake?” while I get death glares from grandma, I could probably pay for this whole trip.

Jake with the manager of the Grand Canyon Lodge restaurant. They gave him a giant ice cream sundae for the batch of rotten chicken so all was forgiven according to him.

For those of you that pick up copies of Indiana Auto & RV, you know they have a contest each week if you send in pictures of you holding a copy of their magazine at various locations. My dad is determine to win next week’s contest so Jake has had his picture taken with a copy of the Auto & RV at every place we stop. Bless his heart, he’s been a good sport…I don’t have the heart to tell him he will never win that contest with grandpa unless someone shows him how to electronically submit a photo.

Some rain moving across as we were driving home from the Grand Canyon. We never got a drop.

My mother at the campsite next door playing her guitar. She hauled that thing 2000 miles for an opportunity like this. Waiting for dad to provide the vocals.
Sadly our journey is slowly coming to a close. We start heading East tomorrow morning.

P.S. Just as we sat down to dinner, Jake came riding up on his bike, trying to make it up a hill. We heard a “oh no!” and there he was:

Thank goodness it wasn’t a cactus.