We are still here in Moab. We are planning on heading to Cannonville, Utah in the morning to take in Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon National Parks.
Today we explored around Moab. Our first excursion was down highway 279, also known as the Pot Ash highway. There are several pot ash mines along this route, hence the name.

This is Grandma & Jake trying to get their first snake bite. Actually they were chasing some very annoyed lizards with the intent of bringing one back home with us.

One of the very annoyed lizards who thankfully was too fast to be captured with a pocketknife and a red solo cup.

The view of the Colorado River from pot ash highway.

I wasn’t able to get the whole van as we were driving by but here’s the back end of a van a guy was living in. Jake excitedly points out “Hey there really is a guy who lives in a van down by the river!”
We also saw some more Indian petroglyphs. I don’t have a picture of them on my phone but they were very interesting. Matt’s interpretation of the petroglyphs we saw today was “white man came. Took whole fam damily. I traded my mother-in-law for two goats, three chickens and a horse”. I think my parents would have found his interpretation a lot funnier if he had traded a distant cousin instead of mother-in-law.
For dinner this evening we went into town and decided to eat at the Sunset Grill. The story behind this place was interesting. Back in the 1940’s and 50’s the government offered reward money to the first prospector who could fill a dump truck with uranium. Charlie Steen (not to be confused with Charlie Sheen…) was that prospector. In fact, he became an overnight millionaire and built a house on a cliff overlooking Moab. (he also did some other crazy things with his money like putting his kids in a private airplane & flying them around Moab because the tv reception was better in the air & the kids could watch their favorite shows) He eventually built a bigger house in Nevada and this house became the Sunset Grill. The food was delicious and the views were phenomenal.

The view from our table.

This is what happens when grand kids go shopping with grandparents. They end up with every trinket and every source of sugar you wouldn’t let them have. I think this looks like a missing piece from a Village People Halloween costume.

Jake enjoying the hot tub at the campground. I think he believes this is a satisfactory substitute for a shower.
Well better get to bed. Gonna head out first thing in the morning. Wish us luck, we are straying from the interstate and taking the scenic route.