We lost internet/cell service for most of the day today as we headed into Arches National Park. We slept in this morning. I think we were all exhausted from the trip out and it felt wonderful to get a couple more hours of sleep.

I had bought a book a few months back “Exploring America by RV” and according to the authors of the book, there are several “easy” trails in Arches. So we laced up our tennis shoes, threw a couple of frozen water bottles into our $6.98 clearance backpacks from Target and headed into Arches.

We decided to hike the Wolfe Ranch trail, leading up to “Delicate Arch”. We soon discovered a couple of things: 1) the authors of that $%&# book were either straight out liars or Iron Man contestants 2) frozen water bottles don’t thaw out as quick as one would think 3) apparently we didn’t pull off the “oh we hike all the time” look as well as we thought we did because as we passed people coming down they would smile and tell us “don’t give up…you’re almost there” and 4) there are reasons why they don’t put people like Matt in charge of the National Parks; he told us over and over today he would build a road to every thing worth seeing and contract with Pizza Hut to offer refreshments once you get there.

We made the summit in stages. Matt, Jake & I got there first, after we left mom and dad sitting under a lone scraggly tree. Don’t worry, we left them with 2 frozen water bottles and a Life Alert button. And eventually they made it to the summit as well.

The computer this evening won’t let me upload the images one at a time, they’re in this slideshow below. We were in amazement at the guy who completed the trail on crutches….at least we think he was on crutches when he started. We didn’t see him until he was coming down.

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We met a nice couple from Utah today at the summit of the trail. They told us that if we really wanted to check something out to try this:


We aren’t sure where we are headed tomorrow, so much to do and see. However, I can assure you arch swinging won’t be one of them. Have a great evening 🙂