As we finished the last leg of our trip yesterday my mom & dad, who were following us, called to let us know we were leaking water but they didn’t know if it was the truck or camper. We pulled over to investigate & found water spraying out of our fill tank. We realized we were at about 5500 ft and the altitude was causing changes in the tank pressure. I went in the camper & found the ketchup, bags of chips, etc all bloated. Here’s to hoping that as we make Loveland Pass today (alt 12,000 ft) our sewage tank holds.
We pulled into the Limon, Colorado KOA about 9:00 our time, 7:00 their time. It was beautiful out. The wind had finally died down & your skin wasn’t melting off your body from the heat. We had a quick dinner of hamburgers on the grill & then Matt & Jake took a dip in the pool.
Now I would like to point out that I witnessed a family situation at the pool that only goes as further proof that the oldest sibling is always at a disadvantage. A mom & dad ( who I think probably could be considered modern day hippies; she had a flower in her long hair, he was unshaven with more hair than her…eccentric group at the campground last night, also met a man wearing a leather skirt and long johns)were sitting poolside while “Rowan” the oldest & “Prudence” the youngest swam. Here’s how the exchange went:
Prudence: (screaming bloody murder because that’s what younger siblings do) Quit! Stop! Mommy!
Prudence’s mother: (before she even fact finds I might add) Rowan! Quit bothering your sister!
Rowan: I didn’t….
Prudence’s father: Rowan! Don’t argue with your mom.
Prudence: (begins to cry, because nothing gets parents madder than when the youngest cries…I’m sure she knew that)
Prudence’s mother: did Rowan scare you honey? (Prudence tearfully nods) Do you want to get him back? (Prudence tearfully nods again but this time with this evil little grin)
I then looked on as mom & dad instructed Rowan to stand still so Prudence could dunk him.
My theory: parents aren’t interested in justice they just want quiet. And if it’s not quiet, beat the oldest child. (if you’re nodding your head reading this your the oldest, if you are shaking it, congrats! You were the coveted youngest)
When we went to bed last night it was probably in the 80’s. We turned the AC on & fell asleep. About 3am we woke up freezing with wind strong enough to shake the camper. We thought there was a storm blowing in but after talking to one of the campground employees discovered that there was no storm and winds were actually light. Apparently 45 mph sustained winds with 80 mph gusts were fairly frequent. Now I know why there is an absence of trees here. (and an absence of patio table sets)
Started this morning out with the pancake breakfast at the KOA as we watched the news of the 10,000+ acre wildfire near Denver. (Matt got a cup of coffee this morning at breakfast & Jake said “I didn’t know you drank coffee dad. It’s like I don’t know you at all”) The wildfire just started yesterday morning & had grown at a unbelievable rate. We finally figured out it was north of I-70 so that fire shouldn’t affect us today. However I-70 near Eagle, Colorado was shut down yesterday due to a separate fire. It was reported reopened this morning. We can see why there are so many fires out here. It’s so dry. Very rarely have we seen a body of water that was actually a body of water and not just a dried up pond, lake or creek bed. And the wind. It’s indescribable. I thought the wind at home was bad. At least we have an occasional tree or cow to serve as a windbreak.
Here are some quick pics of our stay at Limon:

Bag of chips bloated from the change in altitude.

Picture of mom & dad’s cabin. Pretty nice. Had TV, electricity, AC

Matt & Jake in the pool. This was before the temp dropped 40 degrees.

Our site. I think even the grass here gets blown away.

With any luck we will be sleeping in Moab, Utah tonight. Going to see Arches and Canyonlands National Parks & then see what else time allows. So farewell for now & for all you oldest siblings out there….hang in there.