We made it over Loveland Pass. Woot woot! Not real fast but we made it. And as far as I know our sewage tank didn’t explode.
As we cleared Vail, Breckenridge and Keystone we came upon Glenwood Canyon. All the scenery is spectacular but we decided to take a scenic overlook/rest area exit here. Weather was perfect. Calm and about 72 degrees.
According to the information at the visitors center, Glenwood Canyon was one of the last places to be connected to the interstate road system, finally being connected in 1975. Although the canyon was accessible to vehicle traffic in 1902 (looking at the pictures I think 1902 vehicle traveling was only about 1 step up from the Conestoga Wagon) it took them years to carve out a road through the Canyon. The interstate runs right beside the Colorado River and the Santa Fe Rail line. There’s also a bike/walking path that follows the river as well. Since we left our bicycle spandex and water hydration backpacks at home, we just walked around. It was gorgeous. Everything was perfect except for the restrooms. There was a Mexican restaurant up the road…I’m thinking that may be the culprit behind the gag-a-maggot odor wafting out of the stalls.
Here are some pictures:

One of our highest points today according to my iPhone altimeter.

One of several tunnels today, including the Eisenhower Tunnel. Yes..we were the redneck hillbillies who honked through every tunnel.

The Family Truckster parked at Glenwood Canyon.

Mom, Dad & Jake

Standing alongside the Colorado River. Notice the Amtrak passenger train.

Another view of the canyon.

Jake the Tank

You know mom…just having to have her picture taken again.

Matt said to to take a picture of the rafters from a distance so we could tell everyone it was us.

Making some memories.

On another note, Jake has crossed over to the dark side. Apparently Copperhead Road has grown on him (it’s grown on me like a rash, not a big fan) and he was thumbing through the iPod to find it. He says “I had no idea Steve Urkel sang Copperhead Road”. (FYI- Steve Earle sings it )
We are back on the road. Next stop Moab.