We are finally in Moab!!! And it is gorgeous. I’m going to post some more pictures but honestly photographs really don’t do it any justice.
Once we left Glenwood Canyon we continued on I-70 through Aspen and Grand Junction. We stopped in Grand Junction to have a late lunch/early dinner (late lunch for us, just dinner for mom & dad; gotta remember they eat with the 4 pm Cracker Barrel dinner crowd). As we were pulling in to the restaurant there was a rather dirty, dishelveled looking man standing in the highway median. I felt badly for him, like I should buy him some food or something until he stumbled his way across 2 lanes of traffic to the liquor store. Jake thought he looked “like a guy who only went to the grocery store for free samples”
We turned off the interstate near Cisco, Utah (not really a town, more like just a name for an exit) and followed highways 6 & 128 into Moab. It was an incredible drive that followed the Colorado River. The only casualty was the prairie dog we unfortunately ran over. At least we think it was a prairie dog. Matt thought it looked like a bald squirrel and Jake thought it looked like a shaved cat. I didn’t ask how they knew what those looked like.

Crossing into Utah

Following the Colorado

Red rocks & cliffs

Mom & dad’s cabin

Our site

One view from our site.

Another view from our site. I guess those are swim trunks. At least they’re not see through yellow ones if anyone recalls those.

Matt doing his Bear Grylls impression on animal scat identification. He determined that was the scat of an American Angus.

We are tired (Moab is 3 hours ahead of us so at 11 pm our time, it’s just getting dark. Well come to think of it, it’s kind of like daylight savings time on steroids…and you all know, I just love daylight savings time). We are excited for tomorrow. Probably going to tour Arches National Park, maybe Canyonlands. Just happy to finally be here.