Well here we are. Day #2. Pulled out this morning around 8am. That was after Grandpa took Jake back to their hotel because “breakfast was free”. Jake came back with blueberry muffins stuffed in his socks. Kidding…but once my parents start stuffing jelly packets from Waffle House in their pockets I’m staging an intervention.
Not much to report today. Kansas is now officially crossed off my list of habitable places. It was so incredibly flat, windy, hot and dry. And we had to pay to get into Kansas. I-70 is a partial toll here. I think it should be the other way around. As soon as we crossed the Kansas state line it turned into a whole lot of nothing with an occasional adult bookstore or cowboy boot outlet.
Here’s a picture of the temp in the truck (& we were moving!)

If you can’t see it, it reads 104!
We fought a horrible cross wind the majority of the day. Matt battled trying to keep the camper off the rumble strips. But good part about that is no one drove in our blind spot. Guess the swaying back end of the camper was a deterrent.
Here are some scenes from today (brace yourself, they’re pretty exciting..yawn) :

One of many livestock trailers full of defecating & urinating critters. How would we know this you ask? We thought at one point we were gonna have to use the windshield wipers.

Farm at the Kansas state line as we were paying to get in at the toll booth. It was false advertising. That was the prettiest thing we saw all day.

Jake pointing out our location on the map.

We did a lot of this today. Well Matt didn’t but the rest of us did.

Who knew the Buckhorn was a franchise. Learn something new everyday.

An unusual (& strangely comforting) feature at many gas stations in Kansas. A basement storm shelter. Wondering if you have to have a key.

Mercy sakes alive, we got ourselves a convoy.

As I finish this we are still on the road, pushing on towards Denver. We have reservations at the Limon KOA this side of Denver. With any luck we will be there within the hour. Hoping tomorrow’s drive is a little more scenic.