So we left a day earlier than we planned. Matt had to work last night so after he took a short nap we headed out. And after I revisited the eye doctor for this nice eye infection I contracted this week. Good news is I’m much better. Bad news is I spent the latter part of this week looking like that Hatfield boy from the Hatfields & McCoys whose eye “done went milky” after that unfortunate timber cutting accident.
Matt uploaded some new travel tunes to the iPod. Some choices were wiser than others (can you ever go wrong with Conway Twitty?) Matt was so excited to let Jake listen to Copperhead Road to which Jake says “any song that starts out with bagpipes can’t be good”. Matt also uploaded this country album that was supposed to be a compilation of various country artists. I think it would be more appropriately titled “Live at the Buckhorn: Karaoke Classics”. It was horrendous.
We stopped twice on our way to St Louis. First stop was a McDonalds near Terre Haute. We pulled in right behind a tour bus full of….how can I say this nicely? Well old people. I had never seen so much elastic waist pants slacks in my life. And I hadn’t seen elastic waist pants worn that high since my mom dressed my brother & I for that trip to Graceland in 87′.
We have had no stops for fuel. Thanks to Matt we are hauling enough used cooking oil to get us to at least the Continental Divide. Jake is the fuel attendant. He opens up the sliding back window & flips the pump switch. We told him “cash, grass or gas no one rides for free”

We made it to the Saint Louis/Granite City KOA for the evening. Ma & Pa Kettle (I have no idea who those characters are….just have always heard my parents use those names) are bunking at a hotel. We passed some hotels near our campground. This was Jake’s choice:

He thought grandpa would enjoy breakfast at the cafe. I checked with the campground clerk & she advised us none of the hotels in this area were where she would put her parents unless “they wanted to pay by the hour”.
The staff here is very nice but bless their hearts, this isn’t what I would call typical of a KOA campground. We drove through a propane truck yard to get to the entrance. (although it did bring back some good memories of driving through the ol’ Texaco yard 🙂 As we pull into our site Jake pulls out his air soft gun he had hidden under the backseat & told us with 100% seriousness he would protect us from the “wild alpacas.”
Some pics from our evening:

Denver bound tomorrow morning….provided the alpacas don’t get us.

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